Finally, the first day of Spring! Here at last, and with it, a burning desire to get outdoors. Do you feel it too?

In honor of that wonderful feeling, we wanted to take a moment to feature our Child and Youth Park Tables. In the photo above, our 5 year old daughter sits at our smallest park table that is just her size. It is made with the same attention to detail and quality is our adult park tables.

Below, both our girls (8 and 5) enjoy a moment in our front yard at our child park table. They have really enjoyed having their own kids table “just like the grown ups” and we have even given it as a birthday gift, on more than one occasion, to close family friends with kids our children’s age. It has been a big hit and the parents have made a point to tell us how much enjoyment their children have gotten from it.

We love a good outdoor party and our oldest has a May birthday, so we make the most of our backyard each year during this time. So far, she has been more than happy to have friends come over for nature scavenger hunts, tug-of-war, corn hole, cake and presents. It’s like her own private field day that we all get to enjoy.

The quality of our Seattle Cedar products is so nice, it is easy to add a few simple frills in the way of balloons and garlands and call it good in the decoration department. Throw a thrifted vintage quilt over the table to add color. Simple is always best, in my opinion. My girls seem to think so too.

Here is more inspiration from around the web to get you planning your children or grandchildren’s first (or one of many) outdoor party this season:

source: listotic

source: listotic